Dieter Nuhr

Cabaret artist, author and photographer
Born October 29, 1960, in Wesel, Germany
Lives and works in Düsseldorf

Dieter Nuhr works as an artist on various platforms. He is a cabaret artist, author and visual artist. After studying art with a focus on painting, he now devotes himself to conceptual photography. Exploring the world by travelling he documents offside worlds and transforms them into images and thus creates an archive of unnoticed places. His detailed observations with the camera make things visible that usually tend to remain unseen.

Dieter Nuhr’s images of surfaces, interiors and things of everyday life, objects left behind that at first glance seem to have little pictorial value, open up a factual yet often melancholic view of the enigmatic nature of existence.

Although Nuhr’s works are photographs in the technical sense, they are first and foremost painterly in composition and color tone. They touch the viewer despite or perhaps because of their extreme objectivity and rigor of pictorial division. The motifs are often limited to abstract-looking details of surfaces, the nature of which makes the dimension of time visible. The depiction of the exterior also poses the question of the relationship between the visible and the underlying, the specificity of the place and the nature of the recognisable.

Dieter Nuhr’s works are shown in numerous museums and galleries, most recently in the Luxehills Art Museum in Chengdu/China, and soon in the Pushkin Museum in St. Petersburg.


Study of Fine Arts and History, University of Essen (former Folkwangschule), studied painting with Laszlo Lakner

Ab 1986
Perfomances as cabaret artist, painting

Ab 1995
working as photo artist

Exhibitions (selection)

Museum City of Ratingen „Nuhr unterwegs“

Rheine, Kloster Bentlage „Nuhr fotografiert“

Siegerlandmuseum Siegen „Nuhr um die Welt“

Museum Haus Kolvenburg, Billerbeck „Nuhr um die Welt“

Museum Villa Stahmer, Georgsmarienhütte “Fotografien”

Shanghai Photo Fair, Solo Exhibition at Fair

Museum im Prediger, Schwäbisch-Gmünd „Bilder aus anderen Welten“
Luxehills Art Museum, Chengdu/China „Local Texture“

Städtische Galerie Iserlohn „Nah und fern“
Pushkin-Museum St. Petersburg, Russland “Transit” (posponed due to Covid-19)
Kunstverein Oberhausen „Parallel“
Laing Gallery, Münster


Ab 1998
Deutscher Kleinkunstpreis, various prizes for comedy

German IQ-Prize