In her murals Javkhlan Ariunbold refers to each specific architectural situation and – whilst including the light – attains distortions in the perception of spaces. Her works are distinguished both by a reduced formal approach and by a delicate observation of the spatial and cultural contexts of the location.

The mural ‘Asterions Haus’ in our gallery, developed in collaboration with Jörg Kratz, relates to a short story by the Argentine poet Jorge Luis Borges. The labyrinth, which is ‘the size of the world’, knows neither doors nor locks – and still Asterion is a prisoner in it.

Ariunbold’s continuously emerging, atmospheric paintings and watercolors in a smaller format explore the ambivalent perception of light and space on a decidedly painterly level.

Javkhlan Ariunbold | Painter

until 20 December 2020

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