Jörg Kratz ’intimately sized paintings of imaginary forests and interiors, in which tinted light gleames through windows, follow the idea of an ambivalent, mental space. While the viewer’s gaze lingers on the surface of the work, the visualization of spatiality and intimacy through light, shadow and texture becomes apparent as their real concern. In the formal concentration and quiet, atmospheric density, the paintings become reflections of our own imagination.

In addition to the paintings and mezzotint graphics Kratz examines – in collaboration with Javkhlan Ariunbold – the effect of spaces on perception and movement in site-specific wall paintings. The mural ‘Asterions House’ in our gallery, developed by the duo on occasion of the show, refers to a short story by the Argentine poet Jorge Luis Borges. The labyrinth, which is ‘the size of the world’, knows neither doors nor locks – and still Asterion is a prisoner in it.

Jörg Kratz | Painter

until 20 December 2020

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