Markus Lüpertz (born April 25, 1941) is one of the most famous German artists of the present day. His work can be understood in large parts as a hymn to antiquity, although his repertoire of forms is opposed to any classical conception.

Coming directly from the artist’s studio in Berlin, the Laing Gallery can show the triptych “Schornstein – dithyrambisch” (Chimney – dithyrambic) from 1969, a three-part gouache measuring 265 x 183 cm (104 x 72 inches). This monumental work is complemented by a few acts in ink from 1985 as well as three painted, more than 2 m (78 inches) large bronzes from the mid-1980s and some painted bronzes that give the impression of antique terracotta busts.

The theme of the male nude back, which is important to Lüpertz, is depicted in paintings from the early 2000s and a series of blue and black full-length figures serves as a reminiscence of the goddess Daphne from Greek mythology.

The artist was present at the opening.

The catalogue can be ordered via amazon.

Markus Lüpertz | Skulpture, Painting, Drawing

August 31 to November 9, 2019

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